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Good Yuntov (spelling?) (Happy Rosh Hashanah)!

William Nielsen

I was in Class 30 of OCS that graduated in Sept 1943. Do you remember Capt. Iron Lung McClung who was the Battalion
Commander at that time??

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Orlando Stevlingson

I stumbled across this site purely by accident, but the name "Iron Lung McClung" caught my eye. Must be the same guy who was upper level staff at Camp Gordon's The Southeaster Signal School while I was there in 1954-55. Didn't know him personally (I was an E-2), but one windy, cold day on the parade ground, he stepped out of his official vehicle long enough to tell us to stand tall and that he knew it was cold.

There was a rumor about his conduct in Korea, but I won't pass it along.

ted rosenthal

I was at Fort Monmouth OCS in 1952-53 Class 5. "Iron Lung Mclung" was, I believe, a Lt. Col. at that time. I frequently heard his voice across the parade ground bellowing: "Candidate, get your head out of your asshole"

Ted Rosenthal

Derek E. Engstrom

Colonel Iron Lung Mcclung was Base Commander at the South West Signal Corps. School at San Luis Obispo, CA from February thru April, 1953. He introduced me to the Army's way of marching. Later he was decked by some E1, Drafty Private when he tried to take his rifle when he was on sentry duty. After he picked himself up, he told the private "Nice Job".


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